As an independent, fee-only advisory firm, Kyle Financial Services, Inc. offers a level of objectivity and flexibility not found in large brokerages, banks or trust companies while leveraging key relationships to capitalize on resources and economies of scale. Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. (“Schwab”) serves as custodian for our clients’ investment advisory assets. While we remain completely independent of Schwab, our relationship with Schwab affords significant resources and economies of scale:

  • Schwab is a behemoth in the industry, dominating the registered-investment-advisory custody marketplace with more than $3 trillion in total client assets.
  • Schwab’s mutual fund platform is the envy of the industry, offering access to an open architecture of thousands of non-proprietary mutual funds, including world-class institutional funds at discounted expense ratios and reduced investment minimums, many offered at no transaction cost. Schwab’s proprietary index funds and ETF’s trade at no transaction cost and offer low expense ratios that compete vigorously with Vanguard, Fidelity, and others.
  • Schwab offers clients and advisors significant investment research and screening tools, including market and economic commentaries from Liz Ann Sonders (Schwab’s Chief Investment Strategist) and others, as well as webcasts and whitepapers on various investment, financial planning, tax, and compliance topics.
  • Schwab leverages relationships with thousands of independent advisors to identify industry trends and best practices providing helpful benchmarking data and useful practice management tools for advisors.

Regardless of the scale of the organization that you engage, in practice you are generally served by a small team of advisors within that organization. While many large brokerage firms, banks and trust companies tout their large size, the independent advisors of Kyle Financial Services, Inc. don’t take marching orders from any institution. We offer the best of both worlds: objectivity and flexibility not found in large firms combined with the resources and economies of scale afforded by Schwab and other industry leaders.



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